Letter - Wakefield shoppers be warned over parking

HAVING lived in Wakefield all my life, I’m now over 60 years old and I recall the days when I used to look forward to my weekly visit to Wakefield.

I would get the bus along with my mother and we would spend Saturday shopping calling at the market to buy veg, the fish and meat market to buy the Sunday roast, then go for lunch to one of Wakefield’s many cafes.

Oh dear, how things have changed. Now I have grown up and have children of my own. We still meet up to do shopping and maybe call for lunch. However on a recent trip with my daughter who has just had a new baby, we had spent quite a bit of money on Ings Road and were both presented with a £50 parking fine.

Apparently we overstayed our time by 15 minutes. We appealed the decision and eventually got it overturned.

My point is, please wake up Wakefield! We are in the middle of a recession, shops are closing down all over Wakefield and unless something is done about these muggers (sorry, car park police)I and my family will be spending our hard-earned cash in any place but Wakefield.

Shoppers be warned, these people have no thought or consideration for anyone. The Wakefield Chamber of Commerce be warned, enough is enough!

P Wilkinson

Whinney Moor Avenue