LETTER - Wanting to have respect

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DID anyone see the episode on Channel 4 of Coppers the other night featuring Wakefield police officers?

I was astonished to see police officers using the same vulgar language as the offenders and would have never expected to see a police officer to swear at all, let alone at the people their supposed to protect!

Why should a police officer feel the need to use foul language or profanities in order to bring a suspect under control?

One officer lifts a vomiting girl upright by grabbing and pulling the poor lass’s hair, another officer likens herself as in the same situation as the drunken revellers she’s policing, admitting to coming close to getting locked up herself.

Do we want ex-yobs policing our streets?

A police officer in Leeds said their brief was to come down hard on law breaking drinkers while Wakefield’s policy seems to be getting offenders safely home in taxis.

Supposedly honourable serving officers mocking, ridiculing passing members of the public and openly ogling young girls in short skirts!

I don’t expect angels in uniform just a police force I can respect.

Philip Stone

Hanson Avenue