Letter - We can’t hear you

With reference to Mr Williamson’s letter on January 6, I have to say that Mr Williamson is either a very lucky man or a good friend of both the Express and Coun Peter Box.

To get his letters published in the Express, and get a reply to every letter he writes to the council, irrespective of whether he praises or criticises the council is some feat.

The many letters I have written to Wakefield Council I have yet to receive an acknowledgement. The last letter to the council dated March 18, 2011 requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 has still not been acknowledged. However, everything has an upside and the heat from their shredder working non-stop should help with the council heating bill!

Mr Williamson says in his letter that you can watch how the council works – if by that he means attending meetings and sitting in the public gallery, I’ve been there and it is not a pretty sight. With only two small speakers, one on either side of the Mayor’s seat and none in the public gallery it is nigh on impossible to hear what is being said.

It wouldn’t break the bank to install two similar speakers in the public gallery – that’s if councillors want the public to hear what is being discussed. The council meetings are just a farce. It is just an excuse for a day off work for some councillors who just sit there fiddling with mobile phones, then every few minutes walking out of the council chamber and returning ten minutes later with a cup of coffee in their hand.

Is it any wonder that people criticise the council so much?

Brian Scriven

Charles Avenue