Letter - We need to remember the purpose of our Cathedral

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I read Jonathan Greener’s article, ‘A cathedral for the whole of the city’ with interest.

However, he refers to the ‘Victorian adornments’ (now dismantled).

There still seems to be what is an old-fashioned prejudice against all things ‘Victorian’.

The ‘adornments’ in the cathedral were not some quirky aberration - they were a sign of the growth and vitality of the Oxford Movement which brought real faith to the industrialised cities of the north.

Why does anything ‘Victorian’ have to be airbrushed out to go back to some mythical idea of the medieval?

Some regarded St Pancras Railway Station as a ‘Victorian monstrosity’ in the 1980s. Were it not for the efforts of John Betjeman and the founding of The Victorian Society that building and many like it would have been razed to the ground.

People like Betjeman had foresight.

My parents recently passed a Dresden-made upright piano to my niece.

In the 1960s, when it was common to burn old pianos on bonfires, it seemed the ultimate in Victoriana.

In 2013, it is seen for what it is - a beautiful craftsman-made piece of work. Something to be treasured.

I wish the cathedral well, as ever, but I do hope that amidst all this excitement for the ‘new’ we don’t lose sight of what our ‘multi-purpose’ cathedral is essentially for - the worship of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

John Roberts

St John’s Court