Letter - We need zero tolerance on benefits

IN reply to Mary Creagh MP article were she quotes Office of National Statistics figures that there are one in five homes in Wakefield with no adult working.

What I would like to ask is why nothing has been done for years to reverse benefit claimants attitude towards work, stagnating without purpose should never have been allowed, if paid work is neither available nor suitable then voluntary work/education should have been insisted for benefit payment.

The Paralympics and inspirational individuals like the late Jane Tomlinson proves what can be achieved with illness and disabilities, so my next question is why are there are so many long term sick in receipt of several benefits; sickness is not a means of retirement.

I suffer from chronic illness and work as do many other people, working within parameters to suit individual health limits, work is achievable, only in exceptional circumstances should work be exempt or short term exempt.

While I would agree with Mary’s article regarding child poverty, I do not believe this problem is through lack of benefits, but in a considerable amount of cases I would rather suspect it is selfish parents who neglect their own children.

Finally, why should decent people who work for a living have their lives disrupted by some individuals who choose not to work and would rather become intoxicated either through drink/drugs or both causing grief to others, wasting scarce emergency service resources while allowing their homes to decline into nothing more than a cess pit.

Throwing money at the situation through increased benefits will achieve nothing to reverse the rot within our society. A complete change of attitude with zero tolerance is needed.

Miss T Gibson