Letter - We’re doing all we can with roads despite the cuts

In response to Mr Quinn and Mr Knowles letters in last week’s Wakefield Express (June 21) I would like to update your readers on some of the locations mentioned. We have improvement works scheduled to be complete by the end of the summer in both Ossett town centre and also on Westgate End in Wakefield.

We are aware of the condition of Wheatroyd Crescent in Ossett and are regularly reviewing the safety of the road, with a view to including it in future years programmes of work, however we must prioritise those roads in greatest need of attention. I would be happy to meet with Mr Quinn to discuss his concerns.

As Coun Jeffery previously stressed we are doing all we can to keep the district’s highways network safe. In an ideal world we would have enough money to ensure that every road in the district was in excellent condition however the harsh reality is that we just do not have the estimated £48m we would need to achieve this.

Government cuts over the last few years have put a massive strain on the council budget, including the money we have to spend on our roads.

Yet despite this we are still investing nearly £4.5m this year to resurface worn out roads and a further £1m is allocated to keep roads safe until resurfacing can be funded.

Like every council in the country we face a major challenge in repairing potholes as the road network deteriorates and this, combined with extreme winters, means not all the roads that need work will be resurfaced this year.

Graham West

Service Manager for Highways Network