Letter - We’re paying the price for other’s mistakes

IN 2009, 389 MPs fiddled their expenses only six were jailed. While we remain in a double dip recession MPs’ expenses are back to the same level as in 2009 with each MP receiving an additional £100 food allowance.

Since the banking collapse despite billions of pounds of public funding, bankers continue to receive bonus that look like lottery winnings to the public, but no one was jailed and we the tax-payers still have to pay the price for their illegal neglect.

In 2011 Murdoch’s News of the World hacked into 4,000+ targets including the phone call of a dead little girl, eventually even chief police officers had to resign over illegal gifts and payments, yet to date only one journalist has been jailed while the Murdochs are still at large free to do as they always have.

The Wakefield Fire Centre cost £270m before it was scrapped! It is still costing £33,000 per week which we are all still paying for, while the fire service attempts to cut back on services and manpower to save money! No one was sacked just promoted.

The local NHS trust is losing £100,000 per day, those responsible leave with golden handshakes and to promotion in other jobs. No one was held accountable or fired.

In 2011 at Outwood Academy, tens of thousands of pounds of cash raised by students for charity was kept by the school and only handed over after auditors discovered discrepancies. No one was held accountable.

Last week the Chief of West Yorkshire Police was found to have been involved in the 23 year-long Hillsborough saga aided and abetted by Tory MP Irvine Patnick.

Days later The Sun (owned by the Murdochs) said sorry for one of the world’s most despicable news stories in living history, while our police chief still denies any wrongdoing despite 116 changes of police statements out of 164. Is he sacked or prosecuted - “No”.

This week I received a letter from my MP Ms Cooper, and a copy letter from Ed Balls, stating how much they supported local post offices services and what they did for them whilst in power, yet neither of them mentioned that every Labour MP in Yorkshire voted for post office closure and both refused to join a campaign to get our local post office reopened, leaving the elderly, sick. and young, without the vital services these Wakefield MPs voted to destroy.

It is guestimated that the UK has at least 200,000 illegal immigrants – no one knows for sure including the government - while we have record numbers of young unemployed people, all these immigrants use our vital services, ie the NHS, housing, benefits, transport.

But this week the coalition government changed employment law to make it easier to sack British workers, but not I think, police and ambulance chiefs, NHS senior managers, senior civil servants, bankers or MPs.

Let any working class NHS staff, fire brigade, or public workers mention strike to protect our services, or terms and conditions, and watch the reaction from the Murdoch press, bankers, senior civil servants, MPs and our lords and ladies, it will be put them in jail, there will be extra money for police riot enforcement, bring in the armed forces, yet never for vital public services. Why?

Paul Dainton

Altofts Lodge Drive