Letter - What Mary Creagh doesn’t say...

IN last week’s Express, Mary Creagh MP, used her every syllable to blame the current government for the G4S debacle; cuts to the armed services and youth unemployment. It is wonder she never got around to the rain as well.

As I tire of pointing out, the last Labour government left a defence budget with a £38bn deficit, which is £5bn more than the budget itself! Labour’s meddling with the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier programme, trying to cut costs, actually ended up adding £1.1bn to the bill. Labour ordered £20bn worth of equipment on the credit card that it had no money to pay for. These problems were being highlighted by the National Audit Office in December 2009, six months before Labour left office. Philip Hammond simply ended up being the minister responsible for having to face reality as the credit card bill dropped on the doormat.

Mrs Creagh paints a picture of an emerging employment utopia under the last Labour government, carefully selecting her points of reference. The fact is of course that under Labour youth unemployment rose by 38.6%. I didn’t say so….the National Audit Office and Channel 4 ‘Fact Check’ did and David Milliband graciously admitted it. Of course after 2004, Labour, unnecessarily, allowed over a million EU citizens from Eastern Europe to flood, unhindered, into the UK Labour market. They said it would be just 13,000. Those people filled the vacancies that would have been available to those that Mrs Creagh now purports to be deeply concerned about.

Mary Creagh said of the G4S debacle that now was not the time to apportion blame; then did so in her very next sentence as she attempted to blame government ministers.

But, as so often, I find what Mary doesn’t talk about to be far more interesting than the tedious predictability of what she does say. Not a word about the financial problems at Mid Yorkshire NHS. Nothing about the onerous financial burden that Labour forced it to sign up to; she isn’t even trying to blame the current government.

But then many of us still remember that, at the material time, Mary Creagh MP was a government whip in the Dept of Health and was personally claiming full credit for securing the deal for a new Pinderfields Hospital, which, it now transpires, she and Labour effectively privatised.

Tony J Homewood


Wakefield District

Conservative Association

Zetland Street