LETTER: Who decides what housing is "affordable"?

'Affordable housing' in Pontefract and Castleford
'Affordable housing' in Pontefract and Castleford

Reading once again about plans to build more affordable housing set me thinking as to exactly what those responsible for building and selling/renting houses actually consider to be affordable?

A professional premier league footballer or a leading businessman/woman would find a million pound plus house in leafy Cheshire or Alwoodley etc perfectly affordable.

However, someone working on a zero hours contract at Wetherspoons, or in one of the huge distribution warehouses, may well find it difficult to manage to pay rent on a one bedroom flat in a “social housing” complex.

We should always be mindful that very little in life is as simplistic as those running our lives would have us believe.

I would like to hear one of those who talk about “affordable” housing explain to a family struggling on the minimum wage just exactly what is considered as “affordable”?

Tony Winstanley, West Street, Castleford.