Letter - Who takes the blame for the failings?

I may be missing the point re the current NHS Scandal. Could someone please enlighten me as to the role and responsibilities of the Minister of Health, NHS Chief Executive, NHS Regional Chief Executives and all of the various executives/managers of the NHS?

It has always been my belief and experience that individuals are promoted into these high positions of authority because they are judged to be the best available at the time to oversee and manage the job in question!

In light of the past few years of travesty and tragedy, especially the Mid Staffordshire NHS debacle, it would appear that Mr Francis in his report found that there were severe failings in the system but really no one is to blame!

How peculiar, no one is responsible at any level for the failings, which leads me to believe that the enquiry was a total waste of time as there was really no case to answer and that the complete management is exonerated.

I have no particular leanings towards any political party, I have in the past voted Labour and Conservative, however I do note that Mary Creagh, usually very ebullient in her criticism of the present government for all kinds of things has been very quiet over the NHS affair. Could this be that it occurred on ‘Labour Watch’, with their successive Ministers of Health: Burnham, Johnson, Hewitt, Reid, Milburn and Dobson?

Is Mr Francis telling us that not one of these high profile ministers or executives had any whiff of wrongdoing or mismanagement during their time in office? Probably not, as they all, as normal, appear to have been in the ‘Ostrich’ position.

Another government whitewash to protect friends in high places. I never heard a great outcry of disgust from our so-called members of parliament. The price of failure in public service seems to be recognised as enormous success, followed by promotion to even more senior appointments and larger salaries.

To all politicians in general, you appear to be a bunch of self serving, spineless, inefficient hypocrites! Please don’t bother to knock on my door any more.

Ray Drew

Thornes Moor Drive