Letter - Why waste young lives?

Christmas and the period around New Year is a time of goodwill to all men, and a time for all families to get together.

How can this happen when men and women are far from home fighting a losing war in Afghanistan?

Many people are watching TV with the bodies of young soldiers being brought home in their coffins, and it’s said in parliament “they died for their country”.

This is simply not true, they died because of the past stupid politicians, Tony Blair and George W Bush who dragged us into a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, followed by Mr Brown and now Mr Cameron - but not all of the Labour MPs, some supported the Liberal Dems who were against the conflict.

We will never, never, never beat the Taliban, even if we stayed another 10 years.

So why waste young lives and money trying to prop up a corrupt government in Afghanistan. Yes we are broke, and yet millions are being wasted on this conflict.

It’s wrong that we should suffer all the cuts and the misery of people being put out of work.

John G K Wildie

Briar Grove