LETTER - Why worse at primary?

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I WOULD like to comment on the letters about Key Stage 2 results not being up to expected national standards.

If we are in the bottom four of 152 local authorities, it has to be right for any local MP and council worth their salt to question the performance of our schools and ensure pupils get the best education possible, as they have.

Whatever you might think of SATs, they are the only current way we have of judging schools against national standards and it seems that our primary schools at Key Stage 2 level are not performing as well as they should.

This is not a criticism of hardworking teachers, but we do need to find out how we can help schools and pupils improve.

At secondary level, 55.8 per cent of Wakefield pupils get five A*-C GCSE results including English and maths, compared to 53.4 per cent nationally, and at Key Stage 1 Wakefield’s performance is also above average.

We need to find out why Key Stage 2 results are performing less well, which would appear to be a specific local issue rather than anything to do with government over the last decade, given our good secondary school results and the fact that KS2 poor performance is in comparison with the national average.

What I would find helpful would be a review of why Key Stage 2 results are lower than expected and a follow-up report in the Express, done sooner rather than later.

Andrew Whisker

Thornes Road