LETTER - Will be key destination

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MAY I add a non-local voice to the Hepworth debate, following the Popley/Dagger views of June 17?

We drove up from Surrey on Saturday, June 18 to visit the Hepworth. We arrived at a busy time, 1pm, but had only a five-minute wait for a parking space to become available, which is not unreasonable.

Having also visited the new Turner Contemporary at Margate, the two London and St Ives Tates, it should be noted that none of these has a dedicated car park. The Bauhaus Museum in Berlin does have a dedicated car park but it only has space for 20 cars.

The Hepworth is stunning. Approaching along the walkway it is both impressive and imposing. Combined with a dramatic riverside setting – complete with resident heron – it has presence and style. it complements the surroundings without overshadowing them.

I think in time it will become a key destination for visitors and will feature in top UK attractions.

We combined our visit with a trip to YSP, and then on Sunday a journey to Leeds to visit the Henry Moore Institute and the Leeds Art Gallery – an underrated gem of a building.

Two things that would improve the Hepworth: a more efficient phone system – over several weeks of trying I wasn’t able to speak to anyone personally, and audio guides to give in-depth information about the pieces. Staff tell me the latter will be happening soon.

One final thought. Ah were fair capped to discover that Barbara Hepworth spoke like the Queen even though she was born and brought up in Wakefield!

Mr and Mrs B Stratton

Worcester Park