Letter - Will council investigate

NOW we have a new council still run by the Labour majority, when is it going to have an inquiry into what is going on in the people’s NHS and what is happening at our Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust?

Dewsbury Hospital’s maternity unit has been warned twice by the OCS. Now we have the elderly lady, aged 83, sent home from A&E at 6am in a taxi wearing just a nightdress and with no family members informed.

Who is in charge of care? We are the citizens, you run our city for us under a democracy. Yes, a minority vote and a majority don’t vote but the NHS at this moment belongs to the people until our gracious sovereign signs the assent.

Also may I ask where Link, the nominated health watchdog, is and what it is doing. So it says, it is frequently in contact with our great council.

Jack Williamson

Mountbatten Avenue