Letter - Will market remain?

As a Normanton resident, which I always have been, the talk of the town for the last few weeks has been the fate of the market.

No-one is really sure what is going to happen. Not stallholders, councillors nor the shoppers who frequent it. The market has always been a big part of Normanton and, fingers crossed, always will be.

More people now than ever before use markets, because of financial change. People now have even less money in their purses to spend and things look set to get a lot worse. A market is a place to go to get bargains and not pay top store prices.

Can I take this opportunity to ask David Dagger just one question? Just how much per year does it actually cost to run Normanton market? Can he also break it down into individual figures so we all know where the money is being spent in running it?

Would councillors ever consider giving up their expenses, or part of them, to keep markets such as Normanton open? Or is that just a silly question?

Richard Sharp

Firville Avenue