Letter - Would smokers be charged with manslaughter?

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I AM really annoyed about this (Smoking outside Pinderfields Hospital), as I am an asthmatic and cigarette smoke is one of the things that trigger my attacks.

Having been an inpatient with a severe asthma attack, I do not want it to happen again. I am having to visit Pinderfields in connection with another condition. There is no other way in, except walking past these blighters.

I dread having to walk in and out of the main entrance of the hospital, because of the risk of inhaling smoke.

As another person commented, if you speak to them, they can be aggressive. Those of us who care about our health should not have to endure this.

If someone developed a severe asthma attack, as a result of having to inhale their smoke, and died, would these smokers be charged with manslaughter? If not, why not? Please, please, ban it.

Rosemary Arthur

Barnes Avenue