LETTERS - A credit to Wakefield

AT last, and about time too, as many have probably both thought and said, but most importantly, “well done and well deserved”.

I refer to Brian Hazell MBE, at last being recognised in the honours list. An honour well deserved.

My friendship with Brian began in 1994 when a voice on the telephone offered to help me with my first Bosnian aid mission, I would be privileged to enjoy his and the Suzy Fund’s support for a further three missions as would certain of my friends involved in similar work.

Brian has also been a great help in my other projects as advisor and supporter and even though as a councillor we were on separate sides during the firefighters’ dispute of 1999 we still remained friends, so much so that I have been able to return the favour by supporting the Suzy Fund in return.

It is though surprising how civil and public servants who have done nothing more than progress in their chosen career often when their organisation has performed badly, yet have been well paid for what they have done and walked off with or can expect a good pension, politicians on their party being elected out of office or retiring, irrespective of the hash they may have left the country in and actors who portray heroes, receive knighthoods or similar, whilst many real heroes pass by unnoticed.

At long last Brian has been noticed and once again well done Brian.

Trevor Wainwright

Lower Oxford Street