LETTERS - Amazed at response

I was amazed at Councillor Jeffery’s surprised response in the Express to my letter of the previous week for a number of reasons,

(1) Had she attended any of the meetings with Peter Box, Oliver Rowley, and the chief executive, she would have known that not one of RATS complaints regarding the Local Development Framework consultation had been answered to the public’s satisfaction.

(2) Last weekend over ten people contacted me by phone to congratulate me on my stance regarding the LDF consultation exercise, individuals, farming community and other protest groups, so one must assume that there is considerable support for my views.

(3) The speed of the response to my letter is also amazing as in November last year the chief executive met me to say that my complaint from August had not been upheld, I asked for this in writing and in January 2011, some six week later, she confirmed the WMDC decision, but admitted that some of her officers had been “reluctant to be fully transparent” the very complaint RATS had been making.

I also found it funny that it was Coun Jeffery who at a public meeting damned the public for complaining about the travellers site proposal in the LDF as some kind of political anarchists.

If Coun Jeffery had ever taken the time to attend any of our meetings she would be aware that WMDC view on the LDF “consultation” has been nothing but a sop to the government inspector, and that the views of her officers are only ever overturned if there is a mass public protest. Perhaps the deputy leader should go out and meet her constituents who phoned to praise my stance.

Paul Dainton

President of RATS

Altofts Lodge Drive