Letters - Anti-social assurance

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I WRITE regarding an article in the Express where residents of New Wells and Thornhill Street had a 147-signature petition against the building of a five storey apartment block proposed on the site of the old bungalows Thornhill Street by Wakefield and District Housing.

While I sincerely sympathise with the residents I do not feel some of the objections raised were justified against the build, several points were highlighted in the article, these were “not in keeping with our homes” “parking” and “anti-social behaviour”.

Firstly I agree the scale of the apartments may seem somewhat overwhelming, however as they are in keeping with other apartments built and proposed on Ings Road it is all about the angle they are viewed from, also the area in question has many different types of surrounding buildings some of which are retail and others manufacturing housed in buildings of a similar scale to the apartments proposed.

Secondly parking is a major issue all over the city which is a problem the police and WMDC are fully aware of and are taking appropriate action when necessary.

Finally, anti-social behaviour, the Thornhill and surrounding streets consists of many individual private landlords who in the past have not always vetted properly their tenants, which may in some cases have led to anti-social behaviour; also the derelict bungalows are a magnet for this type of problem.

Being indirectly a victim of anti-social behaviour and a Tenant of WDH I can honestly confirm that WDH take the above very, very seriously and have been exceptional in their dealings with our case.

I do hope any resident reading this letter will feel somewhat reassured and try to view this build from a different perspective.

Teri Gibson

Tudor House