LETTERS - Block the houses....

On behalf of the Crigglestone and Durkar Residents’ Association and the Crigglestone Parish Council, I have been asked to pass on a very appreciative thank you to all the residents of our parish who attended the open meeting at Crigglestone Working Men’s Club.

The meeting, attended by 142 parishioners, had been organised to discuss the implications to the parish in respect of a planning application by Taylor Wimpey for the erection for 244 houses to the rear of St James’ School, in Durkar Lane, Crigglestone.

Over 160 objections had been forwarded under the LDF consultation document, this showing the strength of feeling locally against the proposal.

The Crigglestone and Durkar Residents Association and the Parish Council have both submitted comprehensive objections against the application.

If the application is approved, it will be in total conflict to the views of deputy council leader Jeffery, who in a recent statement said: ‘The council recognised the importance of listening to local residents and working with them to shape the communities they live in.’

Hopefully, with all the facts before them, the council will heed to the good citizens of Crigglestone in supporting what they would desire in planning for the future of their community.

Keith Wainwright,

Vice-chairman, Crigglestone & Durkar Residents’ Association