LETTERS - Building a death star

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IT was a few weeks ago when you published my letter criticising our stance in the Libyan situation, and at that time the British and the UN cautiously announced a no-fly zone to protect the citizens, and repeated that was their only mission and there were to be no boots on the ground.

But now, because their plan to support the rebels isn’t working, the UN have escalated the situation and already made two attempts on Colonel Gadaffi’s life, and now are trying to destroy the infrastructure of the regime.

It all sounds a bit too familiar to me, and makes me feel justified in my comments in the previous letter...not to mention what’s going on in Syria. There’s reports of hundreds of citizens being machine gunned down in cold blood each day, and not a mention from the UN of intervention.

The inconsistencies and contradictions are so obvious, it makes me feel ashamed.

I thought we were the good guys but it looks more and more like we’re part of the evil empire. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if all those space shuttle missions of late were building a death star.

Pete McGowan

Windross Close