LETTERS - Bus crash, but no help

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I NEEDED a part for my vacuum cleaner and took my four-year-old grandson with me to Wakefield to get it.

We went on the bus (this as an adventure for him as he usually travels by car) got the part and a little football from the Help for Heroes stall and had a happy time.

We went to the bus station to catch the 10.25am 59 bus back to Royston. We boarded the bus and it backed out of the stand and was waiting to pull away when (as we were sitting at the back) I saw another bus backing out straight at us.

It hit us with quite some force and knocked my grandson into the seat in front of him. The driver of our bus pulled into an empty space, leaving us all on the bus and went to see the other driver. He came back and said we all had to get off the bus. I asked him what we were supposed to do then and was told “you’ll have to wait for the next bus.”

There were a lot of elderly and disabled people on this bus – one lady had to be helped to walk. There was no provision at all to check that everyone was ok – we weren’t even asked if anyone was injured or needed any help.

I went into the inquiry office and was told that as ours was a Stagecoach bus there was nothing they could do even though it was an Arriva bus which had crashed into us. We had no choice but to wait for an hour with a very frightened little boy for the next bus at 11.25am.

This is not acceptable – there should be some provision made for the aftermath of an accident. I’m sure this will not have been the first or last and if this is how visitors to Wakefield are treated they, like me, will not return.

Mrs B Broad

Vicarage Lane