LETTERS - Cash comes out on top

YET another attack on Catherine Parchment-Smith’s surgical skills based on her driving ability and the fact she has not been publicly flogged, sorry banned, for speeding (Valerie West, Jan 28).

I wish people would grow up and realise that Mrs Parchment-Smith and her legal representative played the game by the Court’s rules and presumably got the result they wanted. The days when people put their hands in the air shouting ‘It’s a fair cop guv, you got me bang to rights!’ are long gone. From the lowest bag snatcher to leading MPs, even former PMs, nobody will admit to doing wrong. There are always mitigating circumstances, no matter how feeble or contrived, and it is the solicitors job to present these in the best possible light BUT in the end the Court makes the decision.

It is totally irrelevant that Mrs Parchment-Smith is in ‘receipt of a huge salary’. This is probably due to her skill and experience as a surgeon. Nor is it relevant that she is a ‘privileged member of society’ again no doubt as a result of hard work and dedication whilst the rest of us were learning how to smoke and play snooker. (Do I detect a little envy with a dash of jealousy in Valerie’s letter)

Let’s be honest the reason people are upset is because they don’t like successful hardworking people appearing to get with something they would not have the sense or resources to get away with themselves. I’m sorry to say it Valerie but in matters of the law, as with many things in life, it is the person with the most money and the knowledge of how to spend it effectively that usually comes out on top.

Richard Saberton

King Street

Horbury Bridge