LETTERS - Dangers at Kirkgate

PARENTS, do you know what your children are doing when they are out of your sight?

This is what happened Sunday, January 23, at 2.35pm. Five children around 9-11 yrs of age entered Kirkgate Station. One on a bike, the others running and being joyful.

First they ran along No.1 platform then disappeared for a while in the underpass arriving at No.2 platform.

Then they went back to No.1 platform. The two girls and one boy sat at the edge of the platform with their legs dangling over the edge. The boy threw something down on to the line then jumped down to pick it up. The girls followed suit. They did this a couple of times.

Unfortunately for the boy at his third time, his weight would not allow him to easily get back on the platform. The loudspeaker had some minutes ago announced that the Leeds train was on its way.

As I was on No.2 platform awaiting the Sheffield train which was due at any moment, there was little I could do but shout to the girls to try and help him get back up. Luckily they were able to do this.

This is not an isolated case. There are often groups of boys and youngsters on bikes and skateboards. Doing wheelies on bikes is ‘big’ I suppose whilst the train is coming into the station.

But what if they overstepped the mark? I shudder to think what might be.

Gwen Hudson