LETTERS - Divided we fall

WHAT a novel way of promoting the Green Party, when we read Mr Pritchard’s article ‘I salute the students’ (December 23).

Is he expecting an early election, and hopes to get his party elected on a promise to the students that all will receive “free” and fair education?

Having lived for 77 years I have yet to find anything that is, or has been, free.

Mr Pritchard’s memory appears a little short, especially as we see students rioting (not demonstrating) all because a minor section of the ruling party had promised “free” education until they found out that the coffers had been completely emptied by the previous government, the rich and the banks. Even the NHS is only “free” at the point of entry.

By the way, Mr Pritchard, my name is James Anthony Bulmer, not Anthony James. Also during my “diatribe” I never raised a fist or any arms against anyone – unlike some of the students who have physically carried out their “diatribe”. I have always thought the pen was mightier than the sword.

May I also point out that my motives are not politically based, but for people generally. Although I may be cabbage-looking I am certainly not “green”.

Mr Pritchard also writes “investment in our higher education is investment in our country’s future”. Has he seen the recent statistics on international league tables for education showing the UK’s position in maths has dropped from 8th to 28th, reading from 7th to 25th and science from 4th to 16th?

Plus, a fifth of British 15-year-olds are functionally illiterate. So much for Tony Blair’s “education, education, education”.

Our future is surely based on foresight, ideas and common sense, none of which appear to be in school books. Try the school of life and interest in your country and its people.

The media with forecasts of future riots etc are surely hindrance, not help, to the people who are trying to get out of this mess. So-called party politics will get us nowhere. United we stand, divided we will certainly fall.

Work for it.

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street