LETTERS - Dogs should be on leads

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I WOULD like to thank the miserable people who allowed two relatively large brown dogs to kill my cat, and best friend, Poo!

They were not on leads and even though he tried to get in through the cat flap, they were obviously too fast for him and he didn’t stand a chance. I just hope it was quick and he felt no pain.

We went outside immediately after hearing a large thump on the cat flap and two guys and one girl did not say a word except, “oh! The dogs are just fighting.” No, “your cat has been hurt,” nothing! After searching around the area, because if a cat is hurt it will go away to die, we found nothing until a lovely couple walking by called us out and said, I think your cat’s down the road. Sure enough in one of the gardens on Plumpton Road, without his collar, there he was, dead.

He was a wonderful cat who was 13 years old and had been with me for 11 years having travelled the country and settling in Yorkshire.

I hope all three of you learnt from this and ensure your dogs are on leads at all times, especially in a residential area because those dogs could have mauled another dog, cat or even child. I don’t blame the dogs because that’s what they do, but guys, grow up and show some respect and empathy for those around you!

Susan Keogh

Waterhouse Grove