LETTERS - Don’t cut Aiming High

I READ with interest the piece in last week’s Express regarding the council’s avowed intention to commission services from the voluntary and private sectors and become what Coun Box terms “a catalyst council”.

He apparently expressed the view that children’s services would remain under council control due to the responsibility that councillors have to act as effective “corporate parents”.

The council’s own newspaper The Citizen was then delivered to my home and I read a list of some of the cuts that the council will be implementing from April this year.

Casually, slipped in amongst a list of cuts to services totalling £19m was a massive cut of £310,000 to the Aiming High programme for disabled children and their families.

The vision behind Aiming High is for all families with disabled children to live ordinary family lives.

I wonder how many of the councillors who voted for this have any idea of the difficulties faced by these families, who often have to be extraordinarily resourceful in order to achieve the kind of ordinary family life that most of us take for granted.

I would urge the council to think very hard indeed before making any cuts to this service as it will impact upon those children in our community who are in the greatest need of support.

Yvonne Sibbald

Welbeck Street