LETTERS - Don’t speed, and no fine

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MY chief disagreement with Mr Hazell was his use of the word ‘dangerous’ regarding cycling. As a currently active cyclist I’m aware of most of the hazards.

Many of which are due to other road users. Including the fright I had today thanks to the driver of a ‘Luton’ type delivery van. And the problems at New Wakefield Bridge are largely due to poor design.

We have a local authority that has set an excessive delay on most of our signalled crossings.

Signalled crossings are intended to allow locals to be mobile locally, enabling them to get around their own locality. Excessive delays on crossings ensure that many would-be users will be gone by the time the crossing functions.

Some will take risks because someone decided that strangers in motors had greater priority than (council) tax paying locals! If only these ‘someones’ could be ‘shipped-out’, as our American friends (?) put it, in the cuts?

Mr Poynton seems unaware how long the ‘police’ bays have been there, I noted them when I joined Wakefield Triathlon Club around 2005. And the enforcement vehicles are carrying out a useful social function.

By regularly being seen in place they deter unwise people from exceeding Asdale Road’s limit, protecting school and Asda’s turning lorries users from overfast traffic.

We have such bays in other parts of the district too, one in Purston has a similar function as does another near Featherstone lights; almost all near schools.

Speeding is a criminal offence, if you don’t commit the crime you don’t get the fine.

Bill Houlder

Queens Avenue