LETTERS - Drive ban

IF our professional and work skills are to be judged by our driving skills (DL Long, Express January 21) then heaven help us all!

On what grounds does D.L. Long base his statement regarding the surgical skill of Catherine Parchment-Smith other than that she appears to be a poor driver? I on the other hand can attest to her skill and dedication as I am alive today because of them.

As to whether Mrs Parchment-Smith should have received a driving ban I have reservations. But let’s face it in a similar situation we would all have spilled out any excuse from being chased by aliens to rushing the cat to the vets to get off.

So long as the courts have discretion in these cases I would rather it be exercised on behalf of a consultant surgeon who saves lives than a businessman who thinks everybody should move out of his way in his mad dash to make himself more money.

Finally having re-read DL Long’s scattergun rant I think he either ought to get out more or seek help. His ravings about drug addicts, the police, the hospital, the courts etc... (apologies to anyone I’ve missed out) make him a prime candidate for being caught in the hospital grounds with a gun and a note saying ‘Nobody ever listens to ME!’.

Let’s hope that one of the armed response officers called out isn’t the one currently on sick leave with a broken finger.

Lynn Saberton

King Street

Horbury Bridge