LETTERS - Fantastic and not before time

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FANTASTIC! I was very impressed with the new Trinity Walk Shopping Centre, not before time Wakefield acquired some decent retail.

Very well done Wakefield Council, now get your act together on the rest of the city.

Work quickly with the Ridings also other owners of empty shop premises to attract new retailers to the town, there are plenty out there. I suggest the council team involved with the regeneration of the city takes a trip to Bury St Edmunds, as the town is a mirror image of Wakefield (in one sense) old and new extension of the town side by side, the only difference being that all the new development plus the old town have fully occupied premises and not with pound shops, tack or off licences, just good quality shops.

Who on earth is responsible at Wakefield Council for street design or lack of? Will they never learn not to rip up old stone effect paving slabs then replace them with almost identical? They are too light and soon look very shabby and goodness how the chewing gum shows. Also the street lighting leaves a lot to the imagination - fine for a motorway but certainly not a town centre, although I am delighted with the Bull Ring. It lacks greenery and the odd street art but a very good try.

So Wakefield Council is creating a new city, pretty good embryonic stage to say you have been responsible for year after year decline to a third world shanty town cesspit in parts.

Now let’s also put the law back into this Merrie City starting with road signs and correct road markings and not forgetting the vital ingredient the traffic order to stop those irresponsible drivers, blue badge included, from abandoning their vehicles anywhere and everywhere, oh and do not forget the drinkers who leisurely walk up and down the town cans and bottles in hand in this alcohol free zone, CCTV which appears not to work in particularly the Kirkgate Area.

Talking of elections I would like to congratulate Margaret Isherwood Ward 17 for successfully retaining her seat and rightfully so, she is a damn good friend and a breath of fresh air, not your usual Labour councillor. At least I can count on Margaret to get things done - let’s hope she can influence the rest of the council.

Teri Gibson