LETTERS - Feeling vulnerable

I WAS surprised to see a letter from a gentleman in Pontefract rubbishing the cycling comments I made.

I thought I had made clear the great enjoyment I had when as a teenager, I spent nearly every Sunday out on the road with Joe Hoban, Barry’s Dad and the Calder Cycling Club.

I went on to speak about the happy times my brother Brian had as teenagers when in the summer holidays we toured Belguim, Holland and France, even on one memorable occasion timing our visit to see the Tour de France circus race past, then arriving in Paris in time for Bastille Day celebrations.

The point I was making after being one of the few councillors to cycle in to the town hall, surrounded by dense traffic along Barnsley Road and Kirkgate, was how times have changed and how I felt most vulnerable.

Norman J Hazell MBE

Woolgreaves Drive