LETTERS - Festival feedback

MY wife and I are regular attendees to the city centre of Wakefield and attend the markets to purchase our fresh fruit and vegetables and food supplies about twice a week.

On Saturday morning it coincided with the Rhubarb Food Festival, which appeared to be very well-attended despite the inclement weather. Congratulations to the organisers for this initiative.

My wife and I regularly attend the cafe in the indoor market and when we came to use the public toilets were not surprised to find that we had to queue to use them. We also found the baby facilities room and disabled toilet were locked.

My wife, after using the ladies, found that the only hand drier was not in use, presumably broken and no hand towels were being provided.

The toilets were also not fit for purpose due to their filthy condition. In the gents’ toilet we are only provided with one urinal and one cubicle.

The council put on a food festival which appears to be growing in popularity every year and are not providing basic facilities for the public who attend.

Come on Wakefield Council, we are living in the 21st century and expect better from you in order to support our local food producers and market stall holders who are only trying to earn a living. If you wish people to visit our city at least provide the basics.

John Hyde

Clarke Grove

Pinders Heath