LETTERS - Go back to Potter books

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EIGHT bloody, murderous years of British military involvement in Iraq have now officially come to an end.

And there are always those dimwits who are prepared to call the entire debacle a success.

Such as foreign secretary Hague who claims that “we” have left Iraq a better place than it was prior to the invasion of 2003. Better?

All that we know for certain is that there are a whole lot less Iraqis around than would have been the case had there not been an invasion in 2003.

An illegal military action predicated on a calculated lie about non-existent WMDs. A lie told to Parliament and which the vast majority of supposedly rational MPs chose to believe.

Entire cities were eviscerated in a rerun of episodes from the Old Testament; populations were wantonly slaughtered. And according to Hague, Iraq was left a better place.

Perhaps Hague should leave international diplomacy to grown ups and he should get back to his Harry Potter books.

Louis Kasatkin

Peterson Road