LETTERS - Heading the right way

I READ with interest the recent letter from Mr Kirkpatrick. My grandmother, who was the wife of a coal miner, used to say that some opinions are formed not on this earth but on Fuller’s.

After their election defeat the Labour party seem to have entered a period of denial during which they are absolved from all their mistakes in the handling of the economy which included selling off gold at 25% of today’s price and the destruction of the private pension industry without addressing the problems of public pensions.

Mr Brown, who let us not forget was being advised by Mr Balls, claimed to have ended the cycle of economic boom and bust. How prescient he was for he managed to eliminate boom. The mantra of “global financial crisis” is trotted out ad nausea as an excuse for Labour’s failure.

Who was on the bridge as the economy, which when they inherited it was fairly robust, was driven onto the rocks and who has now been appointed to hold the tiller of Labour policy and why should he be trusted?

My mother had a saying that economy was too late at the bottom of the purse and not only did Brown, Blair, Balls and the rest of them empty the purse they left it with a big whole in the bottom whilst overseeing the value of the pound falling by over 30%.

This, in turn, makes our imports of which there are far more than our exports more expensive.

I am not saying that our present government is perfect but at least they are trying to head in the right direction.

David Pimblett

Rose Cottage