LETTERS - Horbury rise in crime

AS a business owner in Horbury I feel that it is my duty to write with regard to the large number of burglaries in Horbury over the last few months.

Indeed, the last two years Horbury has seen a significant rise in crime. We all know the police are stretched and cannot patrol the streets as they would like, and are so busy tending to the people and businesses that have been robbed that preventing crime comes lower down the list.

Residents and business owners alike feel that WMDC could help the town centre of Horbury by installing security cameras to monitor and deter crime, after all Ossett and Wakefield and most of the Wakefield district have cameras so why shouldn’t Horbury have them?

Is it discrimination against Horbury? Or is it purely down to cost? If it’s cost how much does not having cameras cost, in police time and resources? Also, can you measure the disruption to business, lost trading hours, the rising cost of insurance not to mention the misery of the victim who wonders every night when he leaves work whether his property and stock will be safe overnight.

I’m afraid some businesses will not survive this trauma and will close thus leading to a degeneration of Horbury. This crime must be stopped or it will lead to more daring daylight crime to individuals in the street.

Already, we have drug dealers walking the streets and dealing quite openly, we have known criminals who have been housed in Horbury by we assume the council or some department of local government and have committed robberies during their stay here in the town.

It’s dreadful to think that we are importing crime into Horbury and galling to think some council officials are paid in excess of £100kpa and yet it’s these people who say there’s no money for CCTV in Horbury. What about the reputation of Horbury as a nice place to visit and shop? I’m afraid with all this crime Horbury’s reputation is diminishing daily. 

So come on Wakefield MDC give us the security cameras we so desperately need in Horbury, we deserve the right of protection and support for our community.

Let’s make Horbury a better place to live and work in!

Norman Earnshaw

Earnshaw’s of Horbury Ltd