LETTERS - Listen to the real world

THE Wakefield Express letters page “We have been ignored fury” once again raises the issue of the LDF consultation exercise.

Last year I wrote to the Wakefield Express over the horrendous consultation exercise of WMDC Local Development Framework. Last week once again residents of Ruskin Avenue and Barns Avenue are “mortified that objections have fallen on deaf ears”.

Of course officers of the authority will immediately mount a defence of their actions then continue to do their own thing, not what the people want, making a mockery of real consultation for the LDF.

However despite the mass of criticism from the public nothing has changed and the exercise continues unabated. Officers of WMDC still continue to pretend to listen but do not hear, and while the public’s views are not listened to the authority continue to enforce their own policies without any major changes, despite the public’s objections.

It is unfortunate that our elected members choose to listen only to their officers who seem to have an hidden agenda for Wakefield that the public and elected members are unaware of, and just like the Market House, the Bull Ring, housing development in Thornes Park, travellers’ camps etc the public are expected to accept because the officers of WMDC know best.

Well judging on their recent record it’s time the chief executive and leader of the council started to listen to the public and put these so-called experts out to grass and let the people in the real world make the decisions on what’s best for them, not just for profit-making consultants.

Paul Dainton

Altofts Lodge Drive