LETTERS - Make stand or resign

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CONGRATULATIONS Mr Nick Clegg for you have committed political suicide by jumping into bed with Mr Cameron and the rest of the Conservatives.

I wonder what Mr Gladstone or Lloyd George would have thought of this mess the Libs are in.

Through you and your team upholding the Conservatives, you have broken promises you made on TV, turning your back on a lot of your supporters, workers and loyal members.

The Liberal Democrats have lost a lot of good hard working councillors and it will take ten or 20 years to pull back the amount of council seats, all because the Libs put the Conservatives into government.

You soon forgot the dark days of the Thatcher times.

Cut backs in all departments, and mainly university tuition fees, were made too hard and too fast.

We understand that some cuts had to be made after the mess Labour left the country in.

The Conservatives who won the election are laughing in your face. They didn’t lose many councillors like the Libs did.

Mr Redhead Miliband has thrown you a life line. He says come over and support us. How hypocritical, when its Labour who kicked you out.

Mr Clegg has two choices.

A. Stand up to the Conservatives like you did on TV.

B. Resign as the Lib leader.

John Wildie

Briar Grove