LETTERS - Make your contribution

I WANT to reassure your readers that the consultation on the Local Development Framework (Letters, Feb 18) has been properly carried out, with the views of the public considered and taken into account.

Thousands of people have made their voices heard and I am pleased that there has been so much public participation on a framework which will shape the development of the district in the years to come.

I have attended many meetings on the LDF as it moved through its consultation process and I have been impressed by the passion shown by the people who, like me, have this district’s future at heart.

There is one final chance for people to contribute to the debate – with the last six-week consultation started yesterday and running until April 6. You can make comments on the council website at www.wakefield.gov.uk/ldf

I hope people who still feel they have something to say – including those who write in to the Express – will take this last opportunity to make a meaningful and positive contribution.

Coun Denise Jeffery

Deputy Leader

Wakefield Council