LETTERS - Market will be helped

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NOW the election is over I am able to respond to the letter from Mrs S Asquith regarding Wakefield market.

Mrs Asquith talks nostalgically about the old market. For a start the old inside market was housed in an awful building with little or no character. As someone who often went there it is simply not true to say you could “find anything you needed”. More often than not I left empty-handed.

The truth is that the way we buy things is rapidly changing. For example many people now shop online and it could be argued that the only place you can really find anything you need is eBay.

I believe the new Trinity Walk centre is going to help the market. I was in the city and spoke to someone who said how well the new development had linked the city. That was always the intention. And indeed on that Saturday the footfall to the market had almost doubled.

And I can tell Mrs Asquith that both Barnsley and Doncaster wish they had Trinity Walk. Not to mention the Hepworth, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, The National Coal Mining Museum and Wakefield Theatre.

Coun Peter Box CBE

Leader Wakefield Council