LETTERS - My bike was dismantled

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SOME while ago I rescued from being scrapped, what had been in its day, quite a good bike.

I touched it up, overhauled it, had the wheels balanced, put new tyres on it, fitted new rechargeable lights, mudguards, tool bag, pump, tools were also added and I restored it to being a good bike which gave me much pleasure cycling.

Last week I went to Wakefield shopping and locked it up to a tree on George Street outside the rear entrance to Morrison’s while I did a spot of shopping.

When I came back about an hour later, it was minus a front wheel, the lights had been ripped of leaving the wiring and brackets and rendering them useless to anyone else. The pump and the tools and spare tube had also gone. They had loosened the rear wheel but were obviously unable to get it off.

I was left stranded there for about an hour until my wife could come and pick up myself and what was left of my bike.

While there I observed how busy it was with shoppers coming in and out of the store, taxis arriving to pick shoppers up and general pedestrian and motor traffic.

Did nobody see what was happening, and if they did, did nobody want to do anything about it?

What kind of society do we live in when someone will take parts of an old bike that are almost worthless to them but will cost me probably £40-£50 to replace with new parts?

It may only have been an old bike but gave pleasure and exercise to me. I sincerely do hope that whoever did it, reads this and feels miserable at what they have done.

M Issott

The Close