LETTERS - My side of your story

REGARDING a letter on February 25 from Louise Bloomer I feel the need to reply. How dare she say that Crigglestone Parish Council is scaremongering and intimating problems with gas and methane seepage at the site off Durkar Lane, what brings her to this conclusion?

Has she done a test herself? I had searches etc. done when I bought my property on Barkers Road, and they came back showing methane gas was seeping from the field.

As for seeing Taylor Wimpey undertaking ground test on the site she is mistaken, it was a subcontractor that was drilling and doing a soil test on behalf of Taylor Wimpey, had she had the time or taken the effort to go over and speak to them she would have been told what the rest of us were told by the contractors doing the work and that was that they had drilled and found coal everywhere. There are mining shafts and a fault line not to mention an underwater lake running under the site, would you want to live over that? I doubt it.

The water pressure and sewerage is a problem in this area and can only be made worse by adding more properties to the mains.

The site in question is privately owned but up a few years ago it was always kept up, they came to cut and bail the grass every year, it’s just the present owner that has let it go.

Had Louise Bloomer gone to one of the many residents’ meetings held in relation to this proposal she would have been able to see for herself on the maps provided by Taylor Wimpey that there is indeed public access across the field which can be accessed from Durkar Lane, Hollin Drive and High Street Crigglestone.

I think it’s a bit of wishful thinking that building houses will keep your council tax lower because there is more revenue to be taken in. Come on, when have the council ever given you anything?

Let’s now talk about the extra traffic. 244 houses will have at least 300 extra vehicles, all extra traffic that will be entering and leaving the site by the same road, a road that passes St James School, what can be safe about that? Little children stand the chance of being knocked down, all the extra pollution they and everyone else in the vicinity will be breathing in, it’s a health hazard.

This is my side of your story.

Michelle Whiting

Barkers Road