LETTERS - Night swim dangers

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IT’S a pity that when they give out warnings, the authorities refuse to treat the intended targets as adults.

All ‘Don’t swim in lakes and rivers’ and no why! It’s simple enough: all they need say is midnight swims often end in the morgue! Because the water is numbingly cold, and one effect of drink is to cause people to lose body heat very fast when wet, producing hypothermia, which often renders the victim unconscious, resulting in drowning!

Some are wondering about how triathletes get away with it, aren’t they? Easy: we swim in open water in controlled conditions. The water temperature must exceed a critical temperature, the council require everyone to wear a wetsuit (for flotation and insulation), a code of conduct is enforced and there are supervisors and rescue equipment ready for immediate use, besides having fairly fast access to Pugneys and Pinderfields medical facilities.

In races, this is all multiplied by several times and swimmers obviously needing extra supervision are assigned a canoeist as a guardian angel.

Bill Houlder

Queens Avenue