LETTERS - Other view on death

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YOUR doctor’s tale two weeks ago (Doctor’s Casebook) is just hogwash, rubbish etc.

Lord Caernarvon died due to contracting blood poisoning, or in ‘medispeak’ septicaemia. I had it in 2007, unlike his lordship however I was given two seven-day courses of oxytetracycline, as an outpatient. The so-called, “Curse of King Tut”, was due to the international media speculating after the death. And was probably just a way to rehash an already old storyline again.

If such curses had worked every royal tomb, be it pyramid, mastaba, or excavated cavern would have had a retinue of deceased grave robbers outside their entry/exit point. Neither archaeologists nor modern tomb-raiders even credit it.

The curse was just a way to keep the gullible ‘Children of Horus, Osiris & Isis’ from recycling the contents of the late ruler’s tomb.

Yes, recycling. There probably wasn’t enough gold in the entire ancient world to satisfy the rulers of this one state’s love of being buried surrounded by it. Tomb-robbers ensured that the living ruler would quite happily accept his/her fate believing they were rich forever.

Bill Houlder

Queens Avenue