Letters - Paying for Scargill

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HOW is it that so-called intelligent people can be so blind to the fact that they are being led by union leaders, who pay themselves bankers’ salaries and gold plated pensions and whose sole purpose is to use their members to bring down the current government?

Have they forgotten already, a man named Arthur Scargill, who was instrumental in closing down more pits than anyone else, costing each miner fifteen to twenty thousand pounds, in Scargill’s endeavour to bring down a government; and who incidentally, is still drawing on their funds by insisting that the miners still pay for his apartments in London.

I believe that the vast majority of the public sector workers appreciate the country’s financial problems and are intimidated by the few (as was the case in the miners’ strike) who have no qualms in passing on the debts that we all have had a part in creating, to our children and grandchildren.

David Downs

Mountbatten Avenue