LETTERS - Planning our demise

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HOW much more can the people of Normanton endure?

We have to put up with the pollution of three motorways to the northeast and west, a sewerage works, not to mention the infamous Welbeck tip, and still the planners aren’t satisfied with virtually surrounding us with the industrial estate, now they want to plonk a hazardous treatment plant on our doorstep.

I’ve heard many times the quote ‘not in my back yard’ but this is too much. We’ve had decades of industry and pollution with no respite, the health hazards are far too high to accept, we have had our fair share above and beyond the call of duty of what any normal community should expect, and the rates of illness and cancers will soar. If I wanted to build a home or do something in greenbelt they would quote the preservation of countryside act, but planners don’t seem to mind planning our demise.

Pete Mcgowan

Windross Close, Altofts