LETTERS - ‘Plea to see the light’

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TWELVE months of neon love, what a beautiful concept, but not according to our corridors of power!

I find it utterly unbelievable that the council has not granted planning permission for this wonderful project to continue, the ridiculous quote from a council spokesperson: “incongruous and significantly harmful to the visual amenity of the locality“ is to my mind totally laughable.

Has this council spokesperson not walked through the city and seen the carnage and visually offensive structures which have been created through the decades of council planning?

Last weekend was one the city could be proud of, the long-awaited Hepworth Gallery, celebrating the life and works of our very own Dame Barbara. These young artists our our future, keeping our city full of vibrancy and culture, they should be supported and respected.

Wake up Wakefield Council and “See The Light”.

Janet Morris

Agbrigg Road