LETTERS - Police chief question

A Letter for the chief constable to respond to.

I drive on Asdale Road on a daily basis and have frequently noticed police video vans carrying out speed checks on oncoming motorists.

They are there regularly alternating in both directions on the stretch of road between Asda and the junction with Durkar Low Lane.

This is not a temporary thing, as the highways section has actually created two (either way) permanent hardstandings for the video vans with white lining also carried out, displaying the words “police”.

My question to the chief constable is:

a) In these times of budget cuts affecting the jobs of front line police officers, etc. why have you spent a significant amount of taxpayers’ money on constructing these permanent vehicle hardstandings? and,

b) Why are you wasting substantial police resources on monitoring the speed of vehicles on this particular stretch of road, which has had only one reported injury accident in the five-year period ending 31/12/10. This accident resulted only in a slight injury so obviously there have been no deaths to either adults or children in this period.

While WMDC does not keep a list of blackspots, the closest it has to such, is the ‘sites and lengths of road documents’ but these only feature roads which are exhibiting unusually high accident rates and are used as a guide towards identifying potential locations for casualty reduction measures. Asdale Road does not feature within these documents.

The last ‘lengths of road’ report featured 29 roads within the whole of the Wakefield MDC area (reply by WMDC traffic section to a freedom of information question on this road).

The only conclusion one can come to, is that it is pure and simply down to income generation.

Nothing to do with road safety, accident prevention, because no accidents ever happen there. Is this what our police force has come to, just trying to clock up the pound notes on stretches of road where there are no houses, no children playing, etc.

Your explanatory reasons are much anticipated.

Richard Poynton

Cherry Tree Road