LETTERS - Priceless abilities

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IT would be appreciated if you would print this letter to raise awareness of the wonderful work carried out by the staff of Pinderfields Critical Care Unit.

On behalf of my family, I hope it will also serve as a token of gratitude for the care received by my father, John Taylor, during the week following major surgery.

In times when the NHS finds itself all too often an object of cutbacks and criticism, it has been heartening to observe the hard work and dedication of Mr Curley and his team who ensured dad’s recovery.

They not only treated him with their specialist medical knowledge and skill, but with efficiency, respect and with the utmost kindness.

These abilities and qualities are, in my opinion, priceless.

Without getting too political or topical, they can only be measured by the ‘happiness’ (so currently favoured by David Cameron) felt in having dad home and on the road to being fully well.

Su Green

Cotton Street