LETTERS - Rambling is current

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I’M afraid I’ve missed a few recent editions of the Express, and my attention has only recently been drawn to the letter which appeared in your March 25 edition from Michael Starford, who describes himself as a Geriatric Happy Wanderer.

I cannot help but agree that the handbook of walks route descriptions which so appealed to him is one which recommends itself to anyone interested in rambling in our local area. The Wakefield Way was in fact published in 2004 and strongly marketed at that time.

It contains 24 short walking routes, most of them circular, each with sections which could be combined into a 75-mile long-distance walk around the whole of the district. It has since been available on request from any local official of The Ramblers and has from time to time been available from local bookshops and libraries.

It has unfortunately never received backing from the local authority because some of the footpath described cannot be clearly identified as “public rights of way”, even though contributors to the book used only well-known and well-trodden ways.

The good news is that the original £5.99 price of the book has been discounted to £2.50 and all you need to do to obtain a copy is contact me. You will see my contact details under the heading of Wakefield District Ramblers most weeks in the societies page.

Trevor Hiles