LETTERS - Society and its views

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TWO articles which mentioned Wakefield Civic Society appeared in the Express on Friday, April 22.

The first article was about the fight to save Clarke Hall from closure.

As is pointed out, the society supports the campaign but we have never said we think too much money is being invested into The Hepworth Wakefield, leaving other attractions behind.

On the contrary, we have always supported the initiative to open the gallery in Wakefield but we would like to see a strategy being devised that makes the most of all the cultural and heritage assets that the city and wider district possess.

When people come to Wakefield to visit the new gallery, we want them to stay and explore the other things that we have to offer, including places such as Clarke Hall and the Elizabethan Gallery.

The second matter I would like to clarify was contained in your article about the proposals to allow Green Belt land at Newmarket Lane to be developed.

The society is not against the building of a stadium on this site and, in fact, welcomed the proposal to build it there.

What we are concerned about is the size of the distribution and warehousing development being contemplated and the amount of Green Belt land required for this.

Mike O’Donnell